Sunday, October 9, 2011

Xico, Mexico

Outside of Xalapa is a small town called Xico. It is noted for it's colonial architecture, cobblestone roads and a really beautiful 300 foot waterfall called the Cascada del Texolo. If you search for photos of Xico you'll almost certainly find photos of the waterfall.

So for an afternoon trip I thought that I'd take a little trip to Xico. It was only about 20K from Xalapa. I took out Emi and began to ride. I found the town and took a few photos.
The town municipal building.
The cathedral
A small museum.
A hat rack.
The bullfighting ring.

I didn't really think the architecture was that representative or impressive. Maybe I was in the wrong part of town.

But, what I was really excited about was the waterfall that resided about 3K outside of the town. I got some directions and headed out.

It was a nice ride over cobblestone roads through coffee plantations.

I came up on the site. Parked my bike and began the short hike to the falls. There were other Mexican tourists as well. I followed the path and came across the waterfall.
The only issue was that the trail only led to the top of the falls. It appears that the trail to the bottom of the falls was washed out and not passable. Admiring a waterfall from the top is never very impressive.

Fijase, just one of those days.

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