Friday, March 4, 2022

How To Plan A Backpacking Trip - Sam Houston National Forrest

 Interested in planning an epic backpacking trip, but unsure about how to start?

This online session demonstrates... How To Plan A Backpacking Trip to Sam Houston National Forest. Troy and Victoria host this workshop for all skill levels from beginner to advanced backpackers and for weekend warriors to thru-hike enthusiasts. The session is divided into two parts. During Part 1 (72 minutes), we discuss: Where to go Going solo vs in a group Camping options Route planning considerations Destination planning considerations Packing Backpacking ethos International planning considerations

During Part 2 (30 minutes), we conduct a live demonstration which covers: Utilizing a planning checklist Using websites, apps, google docs, and other resources Creating a backpacking trip plan
You walk away with: A backpacking planning checklist Some online and mobile tools to plan a trip A trip plan that you can actually hike Here's a link to the trip planning checklist: Here's a link to the trip that we planned to Sam Houston National Forest:

Here is the online chat:
00:41:34 Victoria Flores: Hey everyone! Here is a link to the backpacking planning checklist we will be going over today. 00:48:15 Shannon Bailey: Would love to hear more about Mexico/Latin America! 00:51:57 Victoria Flores: Feel free to join our new Austin Backpackers Facebook group: 😄 00:58:31 Elizabeth Gray: is there any information on resources for military veterans also? 01:01:49 Elizabeth Gray: Texas State Parks pass for veterans 01:18:50 Victoria Flores: Yes! We will send out a recording after. Thanks for joining 🙂 01:20:25 Lila: Favorite water filter systems? 01:23:41 Guru Prasadh: All this talk of water is making me thirsty :-) Let me go camel up! BRB 01:24:20 Victoria Flores: Sawyer Mini Water Filter: 01:24:44 Lila: thanks 01:25:08 Victoria Flores: BeFree Katadyn Filter: 01:31:10 Shannon Bailey: Big Bend updates road conditions all of the time! 01:39:50 Mimi Uong: Where can I get this document? 01:40:56 Victoria Flores: Mimi, you can find it here: 01:54:12 Erika Haren: what purifier do you recommend 01:55:32 Celeste Hubert: How do you hike into areas that have no water (like Guadalupe Peak) - do you truly have to carry 9 L of water in addition to your 40lb pack? 01:55:36 Troy: Grayl 01:56:31 Shannon Bailey: Thank you! I look forward to seeing the video of this next part (trip planning!) (which I have to miss!) 01:56:35 Troy: Sawyer level 3 Sawyer level 3 01:56:47 Troy: Checklist - 01:57:16 Shannon Bailey: I will! Thank you! 01:59:56 EllenC: Thank you Troy for such an informative presentation! 02:01:40 Troy: 02:03:36 Guru Prasadh: Thanks for the very informative presentation Troy. Really enjoyed it. Gotta drop off now! Ciao! 02:08:05 Mimi Uong: I have to go now. But can someone email me the link to the recording: ? (I give up social media for Lent so I deleted my FB for now 🙁 ) 02:12:57 Troy: Mimi, we’ll post the recording in the event description and I’ll email it to you. Thanks for attending. 02:14:17 Jenny: I have to hop off but thank you for organizing. 02:14:29 Victoria Flores: Thank you for joining Jenny! 02:15:10 alane: What is a good pack size for 1 to 3 day hikes? 02:24:19 Troy: For 1 day hikes i use a 30 liter pack. For anything 3 days to 3 months I use a 44 liter pack. But it really depends on the size of your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, etc. 02:30:28 alane: I have to drop. Thanks very much 02:30:54 Victoria Flores: Thanks for joining Alane! 02:33:12 Elizabeth Gray: thank you for this, I will have to go 02:34:28 Gassan: Are there maps or resources on what places allow backcountry camping and campfires? Big Thicket is the only place I know of in Texas.

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