Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adios Mexico...Hola Guatemala

It was time to leave San Cristobal and Mexico and move on to Huehuetenango and Guatemala. I headed south on Hwy 190 which turned into CA1, the Pan American Highway. This road would take me across the border and into my next country, Guatemala.

The border town in Mexico is called Cuauhtemoc and the border town in Guatemala is called La Masilla.

When i arrived in Cuauhtemoc, I went to the Banjercito (bank) first to clear my motorcycle permit. I passed by Aduanas (Customs), but they waived me through. Finally I passed by the Migration (Immigration) to clear my tourist visa. I was the only one in line and it probably only took 10 minutes total.

Then I went La Masilla and the Guatemala border. I had purchased Guatemalan Quetzals the day before. I went to the Migration first and got my passport stamped. He didn't charge me anything. I passed by the Aduanas and completed some of the motorcycle paperwork. The officer created an invoice that I took to the bank next door to pay. After getting the receipt, I went back to the Aduanas where he completed the paperwork and provided me a temporary license and registration sticker. It took maybe 30 minutes total. Again, I was the only one in line. I looked around the town of La Masilla for a motorcycle insurance office or salesperson, but everyone kept telling me that insurance was not needed. I'm a little reluctant to ride without it, but I'm on the road.


  1. Hey Troy, enjoying reading your stories. How many miles does emi have now?

  2. Emi is coming up on her 4000 mile anniversary. I was thinking of taking her out and celebrating with 2.3ml of oil.

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