The Gear

This is my gear list. I pick and choose from the items below based on the undertaking. All of it is tested. None of this gear is necessary for a great adventure, however I have found that having the right gear for traveling can make the experience more enjoyable. I do believe that it is always best to travel light. My list may change over time as I learn to live with only the items that I need and omit the items that I can live without. I have somewhat prioritized the list with the more important items higher on the list. While this list may not suit your travel style, I do hope that it provides you some ideas about assembling your own personal kit.

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Passport and Copies(3)
Immunization Card and Copies(3)
International Travel Medical Insurance
Drivers License and Copies(3)
Motorcycle Vehicle Title and Copies(3)
International Drivers Permit and Copies(3)
International Automotive Insurance(bought as needed)

Convertable Pants(1) - REI Convertible Pants
Sport Shorts/Swim Shorts(1) O'Neill Hybrid Swim Shorts 
Long Sleeve Sun Shirt (1) - Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoodie
Short Sleeve Shirts(2) - 32 Degrees Short Sleeve Shirt
Short Sleeve Polo(1) - Goodr Sunglasses
Parka/Rain Jacket(1) - Marmot PreCip Jacket or EB Cloud Cap Jacket
Rain Pants(1) - Marmot PreCip Pants
Wind Jacket (1) - Patagonia Houdini
Puffy Jacket - Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie
Sport Sandals(1) - Chaco Z/1 Sandals
Hiking Shoes(1) - Altra Lone Peak  (long hikes) or Oboz Arete (rocky hikes) or Astral TR1 (water hikes) or Merrell Bare Access XTR (training)
Sunglasses(1) - Goodr Sunglasses
Long Wool Sock(2) - Darn Tough Socks
Short Wool Socks(2) - Darn Tough Socks or Injinji Socks
Riding Underwear(2) - Russell Athletic Briefs
Bandanas(1) - Bandana
Neck Scarf(1) - Buff 

Outdoor Gear
Daypack -  Gregory Hydration Backpack long days or Gregory Nano short days
Backpack - Osprey Talon 44 Backpack backpacking
Headlamp - Nitecore NU25 headlamp
Flashlight - Olight I5R or Olight I1R2
Water Filter - Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter 
Parachute Cord/Clothesline - Parachute Cord
Sleeping Bag 
  Thermarest Parsec 20 (cold weather) or 
  Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35 (all around) or 
  Aegismax 55 (warm weather)
Sleeping Quilt (add for colder temps) - Double Black Diamond Down Quilt
Sleeping Bag Liner (add for colder temps) - Sleeping Bag Liner
  MSR Pocket Rocket (all around) or 
  Trangia Spirit (ultralight) or 
  Emberlit Fireant  (wood burning) or 
  MSR Dragonfly (international)
Fuel Bottle - MSR Fuel Bottle 30 fl. oz.
Cookware set and spork - GSI Outdoors Soloist Cookset + GSI Cup/Pot
Frisbee - Ultimate Frisbee 

Smart Phone - Apple iPhone 
Computer - Apple MacBook Pro
Portable Charger - Anker Portable Charger
Battery Charger (AA, AAA) - Goal Zero Recharger Kit
Converter/Accessory socket plug - Travelon 3-In-One Adaptor Converter
Headphones - Apple Ear Buds or Aftershokz Aeropex
GPS with memory cards and cable - Garmin GPS
USB Flash Drive & DVD-R Blank Discs - SanDisk Glide 32GB USB Flash Drive
1TB HardDrive - WD My Passport 1TB Harddrive 

Camera – Panasonic DMC-TS4S Camera BROKE/OMITTED
Camera - GoPro Hero Camera 
Camera Battery Charger 
Tripod/Gorilla pod - Joby Gorillapod , Tamrac Zipshot Tripod 
Handlebar mount - Pedco Ultra Camera Mount

Pens, Books and Guides 
Pens(2) - Fisher Space Pen
Sharpies(2) - Sharpie Mini Pen
Guide book/sheets/digital download -

Personal Hygene Kit
Small toiletry bag - Sea To Summit Toiletry Bag
Single pack of tissue/toilet paper - Travel Toilet Tissue
First Aid Kit - Adventure Medical Kit
All Purpose Soap - Dr. Bronners Soap
Quick Dry Towel - Micro Fiber Towel OMITTEDSarong ADDED
Sink Drain Stopper - Flexible Sink Stopper
First Aid cream - Neosporin 
Hand Sanitizer - Purell Hand Sanitizer 
Sunscreen/Lotion/Moisturizer - All Good Mineral Sunscreen
Insect Repellent - Sawyer Insect Repellent 
Water Purification tablets - Aquatabs Water Treatment Tablets
Lipbalm - Burt's Beeswax
Toothbrush - Travel Toothbrush
Small Mirror
Dental Floss
Safety Pins
Pepto Bismall tablets
Pepcid AC
Malaria Pills

Motorcycle Gear
Secure storage - Pelican Rear Top Case 1520 
Protective Jacket - Olympia Motorcycle Jacket 
Protective Pants - Olympia Motorcycle Pants 
Footwear - Gaerne G Adventure Motorcycle Boots (size 10-1/2) 
Navigation - Garmin GPS and Rammount 
Fastener - Bailing wire
Fastener - Zipties
Threadlock - Loctite Blue
Metal Patch - JB Weld
Extra bolts
Extra oil
Chain lube

Fishing Gear
Fly Fishing Rod Kit - Orivis Clearwater 5wt
Clippers/Pliers/Threader - Scientific Anglers Tool Set
Waders and Boots - Orvis Clearwater Waders and Wading Boots

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