Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Fijase is a Spanish word often used in Guatemala right before someone shares with you some bad news. I think the literal translation is equivalent to "fix yourself" as in brace yourself. But the common usage lends more to a translation of "pay attention". As in "listen, I have something to tell you".

So, Fijase... it looks like I'm not leaving on Tuesday. Chip, a rider that will be riding with me for a while is having some issues with his bike, so we're going to wait until he can get the issues sorted out. Stuff like this happens, it's just part of the adventure.

I'm actually glad to wait an extra day or two. It gives me a little more time to wrap things up and prepare.

Also, it just so happens that September 20th is my birthday! It would have been great timing if I could have set off on this adventure on my birthday. However, now I can spend it with some friends. Sometimes God plans these things out perfectly.

So on Tuesday I can prep a little more, spend some time with friends and eat fish tacos for $2 at the happy hour of a local restaurant in Austin called Quality Seafood. Y'all want to join?

It will be a happy hour, birthday and send off party all wrapped up into one.

- Troy



    It's a good thing your friends bike is acting up now and not while you guys are traveling!

    I have to take my daughter to dance tonight but I will try to stop by for your Birthday/send off celebration...

  2. wish we could've made it - happy belated bday!!


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