Thursday, December 1, 2011

Somoto, Nicaragua...Getting Lucky

Sometimes I can't control what goes on around me... like taking 3 hours to be processed through the Honduran border checkpoint. By the time that I left the border it was already dark. I pulled into the first town I could find along the highway to spend the night and stayed at the first hotel I could find with an open room. The town was Somoto.

Sometimes... I'm just lucky.

It turns out that Somoto had quite a bit going on. It was the weekend and the town was celebrating their feria. In Latin American just about every town has a feria, a patron saint and once a year the town holds a huge street party to celebrate. I just happened to land in Somoto during their biggest celebration of the year. It was like walking into a surreal world.
In the evening there was a carnival...
...with a band and dancing.
During the next day there were marching bands, street vendors, food stalls and horses.
Somoto is in the middle of an area of Nicaragua with lots of ranching. It's cowboy country... a bit like my home state of Texas. I felt right at home.
There was a parade of horses...
...which included a few mules.
The young...
...and the old put on a show.

Sometimes... I'm just lucky!

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