Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Las Siete Cascadas of Juayua, El Salvador

While staying in Juayua I heard about this area called Las Siete Cascadas (The Seven Waterfalls).
I met some other travelers and we decided to check it out. The Hotel Anahuac connected us with a guide named Douglas... he was great.
These cute little dogs decided to follow us and join in on the fun.
Here's one of the waterfalls.
Here's another.
This is Lauren from Tasmania and another waterfall. Her self proclaimed nicknames was Osita (little bear).
This is Catherine from Australia descending a waterfall. Her appointed nickname was Gatita (little cat).
This is Jeff from New York descending a waterfall. No nickname.
Four gringos walking through the forest seemed interesting to these guys. There were actually four dogs that followed us all the way.
It looked like there was a double rainbow at this waterfall. Wow, what could it mean?
And another waterfall.
At the end we arrived at this waterfall which had a nice pool in which to swim.
Looking over the edge of the top of a waterfall.
Just enjoying myself after a nice four hour hike with a little swimming.


  1. great pictures!! looks like fun :)

  2. Thanks Troy, this post was an exciting film strip adventure... ending perfectly. The only thing I was left wanting was your self proclaimed nickname... How about "el pato"... in that last picture you seemed pretty happy splashing around in the water. -Brian, Duluth

  3. When is the best time to go? I'm planning visit in 1st week of November

    1. Sonia, I think the early part of November will be perfect. I believe I was there in the later part of November. The first week of November is a festive time in Central America.


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