Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Coastal Road of El Salvador

Rolling hills and lush green farmland.
Farmers were drying this grain along the road. I stopped to inquire what it was. The farmer told me it was manzanilla. I didn't quite understand what the english translation might be, but later I confirmed with a local that it was chamomile.
This guy crossed from the left hand side of the road to my side of the road. I didn't remember my instructor covering this situation in my motorcycle safety course.
There were a number of these tunnels along the route. They were pitch dark once I entered. It was hard to see even with my light on. Kind of a cool experience until the trailer truck decides to crowd my lane.
Most of the coastal road overlooks the playa (beach), although there is a steep cliff that separates the two. The vistas are dramatic.
I got a kick out of these signs. REDUCE SPEED, SURFERS IN THE WAY. El Salvador has been on the map for surfers for a few decades. There are some pretty isolated beaches with great breaks.

I didn't really have a final destination in mind when I entered El Salvador. I just figured that I'd ride until I came across something interesting, then I'd stop. I road for about 2 hours and came across a small sign that read La Dolce Vita. I'm a classic film fanatic and La Dolce Vita is one of my favorite films of all time. I had to check it out.
It turns out the La Dolce Vita is a seaside hotel and restaurant. I decided that I had found my place to stay.
The seafood pasta, garlic bread and a liquado de sandia (watermelon smoothie) was the perfect meal after a great day of riding.
And a Pacific sunset to end the day.


  1. Troy - Bill led me onto your site. These are really great post and I enjoy the pics. I have always wanted to travel the Pan American Highway in one of my old classic cars. Looks like alot of fun - John C.

  2. Hey John, Thanks for following along. Traveling these roads in old classic car would be epic. Some of these roads would be really hard to pass. Perhaps an old truck might work.

  3. this trip is so freakin awesome. gonna have to do something like this one of these days :)

  4. I just had the opportunity to visit El Salvador. Before my trip I had seen your blog and found myself in San Blas and Zunsal. Wonderful people, food and surfing

  5. In retrospect, I had a great time in El Salvador.


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