Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Weekend Ride in the Texas Hillcountry

Today I went for a little ride with the boys around the Texas Hill Country. The ride was hosted by Richard and sponsored by TJ's Cycles. TJ's Cycles was kind enough to provide us with free breakfast of tacos, donuts, fruit, juice and coffee. 
We rode for quite a while over some highways, back roads and dirt roads. Our first rest stop was in the town of San Saba. That is my Suzuki DR650 sandwiched in between two Suzuki DL650 V Stroms.
Vinny saw this field of pansy flowers and thought it would be a good idea to stop and take photos.
And to patch a puncture in his tire.
I did take the time to snap of photo of Emi and the flowers. Don't they look purdy?

Sorry, I did not take any photos riding through the backroads and dirtroads. I was too busy enjoying myself. 
We rode for a few hours, had lunch at Coopers BBQ and then I stopped by the county courthouse for this photo opportunity. 
On the way back home I passed by this peaceful pasture full of Alpaca grazing.

Check 'em out! munch, munch, munch

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