Sunday, May 19, 2013

From a blog to a book... would you buy a book from this guy?

I have really enjoyed sharing stories and photos with each of you through my blog Your views, comments and support have been a great encouragement to me. Who would have thought that anyone would show an interest?

Almost on a daily basis I receive feedback in person or though my website about traveling in general or about my adventures. And often people ask me... what is next?

Well... I have been thinking about writing a book. But I have been wondering if anyone, other than my mother, might buy and read a book about my travel experiences. So I thought that I would try to survey you... my family, friends and fellow adventurers.

Would you take one minute to complete this five question survey? I promise that it will take less than 60 seconds. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Don't worry, you would not be under any obligation to buy a book at this time, I'm just asking questions and trying to gauge interest. Support and sales of this book would go toward offsetting my expenses for my trip Texas to Tierra del Fuego and my next adventure.



1 comment:

  1. Very interesting concept. Martha must be very proud of you.
    Reminds me of the movie "Motorcycle Diaries"


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