Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peru to Chile

From Arequipa, Peru I traveled to Arica, Chile. I left early because it looked like it might be a full day of riding.

I picked up a few supplies because I knew that I'd be riding through the desert for most of the day. An orange juice, saltine crackers and chocolate cookies.
I passed by desert dunes...
Coastal beaches...
Rock formations.
Along the way I met a fellow adventure motorcyclist from Argentina named Alejandro riding a Honda Falcon NX400. I really like the styling of the NX400. I wish that Honda sold the bike in the states.
Alejandro passed me, then I passed him, then at an overlook we pulled over and started chatting.
He had a pretty nice hard case setup on his bike. Turns out that he made it himself. Also he build a pretty sweet tool tube that fit opposite his muffler. I asked him if he was an engineer and sure enough he was. I have a number of engineering friends and you can always tell the work of an engineer.
We seemed to have a similar riding pace... so on we rode.
We exited Peru with ease.
We entered Chile with ease.
Looking back...
Looking forward...
Simply amazing views all around.

Location:Arica, Chile

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  1. Hi Troy,

    Your blog is fun to follow and lead me to add a few places to visit. In winter 2008-09 I traveled from New Jersey to Costa Rica and back on a 1987 BMW K75. Last weekend I took delivery of a BMW F800GS to ride to Terra del Fuego. I'm one year behind you! Safe travels and keep on blogging.

    Peter B


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