Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Galapagos Islands Day 4

Floreana Island

The fourth day we explored a different island, this time we went to Floreana Island.
A pelican fly-bye.
This Sand Piper was digging in the sand searching for food.
Floreana Iguanas lined up to catch a few rays.
The Floreana Iguanas have different pigmentation.
Typically it is a mixture of black, red, green and shades of turquoise.
Iguana getting cleaned by a mockingbird.
These tiny Jelly Fish were washed up on the shore. I thought that its clarity contrasted nicely with the green and brown of the seaweed.
Grey Heron perched on a cliff looking for prey.
Red-Footed Booby protecting its nest and two eggs.
Blue-Footed Booby. Supposedly, when a booby is unable to find a mate during the mating season, the color of its feet intensify, thus enhancing its ability to attract a mate the following year. Kind of like buying new shoes I guess.
Swallow Tail Gull
A spectrum of colors of Flora
A seaside water blow-hole. When waves crash against the rocks water is pushed through a hole and ejected into the air.
Albatross coming in for a landing. They are graceful in the air, but not so much when landing.
Galapagos Black Hawk.
Sally Lightfoot Crab.
This is the Floreana Post Office. On the island there is a tradition that assists with the delivery of mail. For many years, the Galapagos had only researchers working on the island. When a new researcher arrived to the island they would often bring mail from the mainland. When a researcher left the island they would take mail with them and deliver it to the addressee. The tradition continues, although now tourists are allowed to take and drop off mail. It's not the most efficient system, but it is kind of cool.
Post Office Box.
Just drop a letter off and pick a letter up.
Another turquoise laguna.
Sea turtle playing in the waves.
The lines and colors of this plant reminded me of an expressionist painting by Edvard Munch.
A rock formation called The Devil's Crown.
Swallows flying around the crown.
Figate bird flying above.
A Frigate bird up close.
The last evening we docked in Santa Cruz and went out on the town. Christina, Me, Kate, Debbie, Wim, Debbie, Mark, Ashley, Jason, Scott and Michael.

Parting shot...Flight With Frigate Birds.

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