Thursday, December 8, 2016

Best Gifts for Photographers

Here's a collection of gift ideas for the photographer. It seems like everyone is a photographer these days - from those that shoot with their smart phone cameras to those that shoot with their full frame mirrorless cameras. I won't lie, photography equipment can be expensive, but I've included a few items for under $100. Click on the image or links for a full product description.

Vivian Maier Street Photographer $27 A photography book about enigmatic street photographer Vivian Maier.

DJI Mavic Pro $999 Drones with cameras are now mainstream. The development of the hardware and software have made them easier to purchase and fly. And the imagery that can be produced as stills or video is simply amazing. Not every photographer will admit that they want a drone for photography, but they do.

DJI Osmo Phone Camera Gimble $299 This stabilizer is designed to be used with one's mobile phone  to create smooth dramatic video images. While nobody really needs this tool, they secretly want it. Nobody likes to carry around a tripod much less wear a steadycam.

Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera $1999 This full featured, light, compact, full frame mirrorless camera is the current "it" camera. It can do everything that a professional DSLR camera can do and it can do many of the things that a professional video camera can do.

Crumpler Camera Bag $89 Everyone needs a practical bag to carry their photography equipment. This bag is full featured, but manages to look good too.

Cell Phone Camera Clip $5 This simple little clip enables a mobile phone to be attached to a tripod or other stabilization gear. Combine it with a UltraPod Tripod to capture those epic group selfies.

iPhone Backup Flash Drive $75 Because photographers take loads of images on their iPhones, it is always nice to have those images backed up to a secondary drive.
Ride Video Mic $150 Sooner or later every still image photographer starts experimenting with video. For video, capturing good quality images is half of the equation. The second half of the equation is capturing good quality audio. A microphone is essential.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom $144 This software makes flat images into fantastic images. It is the industry standard for image editing.

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