Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seminole Canyon, Texas… Under the Sun

A short trip to Seminole Canyon located in the Southwest corner of Texas where I found roads, railroads, trails, canyons, cacti, flowers, fossils, the Pecos River, the Rio Grande River and some ancient cave art paintings.
A relief map with an overhead view of the canyon.
The crew
 The first day started off with clouds and rain.
 Because of the rain, we sought shelter at the Judge Roy Bean Museum and Saloon.
 I'll take one of those.
 The railroad was instrumental in expanding and developing this part of Texas. Much of the railroad was built by Chinese immigrants.
 The bridge crossing the Pecos River.
 An overhead view of the canyon.
 The canyon walls
 An overhead view of the canyon.

 We went on a hiking excursion that led us into the canyon.
The sights to see in Seminole Canyon include these ancient wall art drawings created some 4000 years ago.

 Taking photos of the canyon floor.
 Relaxing in my hammock after a day of exploring.
 The next day we hiked the canyon rim trail which provided a view of the canyon from above.
 There was rain during the previous days and the river was flowing.
 A view of the canyon from the rim.

 Just hanging out on the edge of the rim.
 Got to watch your step when walking around the canyon rim.
 Found these little snails that had been bleached by the scorching desert sun.
 Some fossils embedded in limestone.

 Cacti sprouting flowers.
 The canyon runs into the Rio Grande River.
 On the far side of the river is Mexico.
 The Rio Grande River - to the south Mexico, to the north the USA.

I used a pair of binoculars and my iPhone to create this telephoto view of the black panther cave and the black panther. If you look closely you can see the body of the panther and it's curved tail in the center of the image.
The Rio Grande or Rio Bravo depending on which side of the border you're standing.
While we were standing at the top of the canyon we spotted these giant alligator gar fish swimming below us in the river. These fish were about 12 to 15 feet long and as thick a large pig.
The a seventeen-foot bronze sculpture made by Bill Worrell was erected at Seminole Canyon State Historical Park. The sculpture depicts a shaman-like figure and honors the legacy of ancient Indian rock art.

A little time lapse video of a Sunrise Over Seminole Canyon.

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