Friday, September 21, 2012

Perhaps the Best Meal of My Trip

I had perhaps the best meal of my trip. Strangely, it was not in a big city or a fancy restaurant. It was in the small town of Concepcion, Bolivia in a small restaurant just off the central plaza called El Buen Gusto.

The restaurant was set inside a colonial style patio house. There was soft music playing in the background. I sat toward the front of the restaurant which allowed me to to see both the tables inside and people passing by outside.

The meal started off with a vegetable soup.

The second course was a self service salad bar... vegetables are sometimes hard to come by in Bolivia.

I was thirsty from traveling so I ordered a jarra de limonada (jar of limonade). I had no problem finishing it off.

The main course was orange chicken with rice and potatoes.

And I elected to try the strawberry cake for dessert.

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