Monday, May 17, 2021

The Backcountry Discovery Route

If you follow this blog because you were following my trip from Texas to Tierra del Fuego by motorcycle, you likely have noticed that I've not posted much motorcycle content of late. 

To be very honest, I haven't ridden my Suzuki DR650 in years. I still have it, but strange as it may sound, I haven't felt like riding it. I still enjoy following news and stories from the motorcycle community. And I still think about taking another epic motorcycle trip. We'll see if that materializes.

For a few years, I've known about these motorcycle routes in the Western United States called the Backcountry Discovery Routes. I believe that the first route was created in Oregon, then Washington and now there are 11 routes in the United States. 

The organization that creates and promotes the routes is called BDR (Backcountry Discovery Routes). Their website provides GPS coordinates for the routes, news and other resources. They recently released a film about the origins and current status of the BDRs. I thought some of you might be interested to learn about these incredible adventure motorcycle routes. Maybe someday I'll ride one of these BDRs. Maybe I'll see you on the trail. Here's the film, enjoy.

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