Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How To Start A Photography / Video Business for Under $3000

photo source: Revo

Photographer and North Face athlete Jimmy Chin recently published a blog post about How To Start a Photography Business for Under $3000. I would add that you could also start a video or film business with the same gear. Here are the summary points.

The Free Stuff...
Passion - Start with something about which you're passionate.
Motivation - Allow your passion to fuel your motivation.
Ideas - Creativity in content and distribution is key.
Work Ethic - All of the above can get you started, but work ethic will sustain you.

The Gear...
Camera - A DSLR is key, but the best camera may be the camera that you have on you… iPhone.
Lens - A mid range zoom lens for run and gun.
Support - A tripod
Memory - Get use to the need for speed... and size.

Rental - What! You can't afford $3000? Then rent it all at

Check out the full article at Jimmy Chin's website

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