Sunday, March 23, 2014

Worn Wear - A Film about the Stories We Wear

Ahhh…. gear.

I found this short film online and liked it. It made me think about how some of the "things" that I have owned have added value to my life and have been a part of some great memories. Realistically, none of the gear that I have owned could be called a necessity, but it has made some of my adventures more enjoyable.

I have some old wool socks that have kept my feet warm while hiking in the Rockies and cool while in the desert of West Texas. I have a tent that has protected me from some torrential weather in the rainforest of Costa Rica. I have a swim suit that has swam along dolphins, turtles, rays and sharks during scuba trips. I have an old parka that has been up mountains in Tanzania, Peru and Nepal. I have a bandana (pictured above) that I believe has been on all seven continents. All great memories.

Prior to a long trip that I took a couple years ago I had a mega garage sale to get rid of many of my possessions. What I did not sell, I gave away to some friends and charities. I like to think that those things went on to have second lives.

With less clothing and gear, I have found that the items that I do own, I use much more. And now… I like the idea of holding on to my memories for 15 or 20 years or longer.

Check out this short film and maybe you'll have a new perspective of your "things".

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  1. Troy,
    Thanks for sharing. Those were some good stories. The items are part of many stories and memories and like stories and memories, they bring us comfort. To dispose of them is like throwing away part of the good memories. ~Joe


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