Friday, September 6, 2013

On Any Sunday - The Movie

I enjoy watching films of all genres. But I must admit that I especially enjoy watching films about motorcycles and motorcycle travel. Over the next few weeks I'll be screening some of my favorite motorcycle movies. Stay tuned!
On Any Sunday is a classic film and perhaps one of the most nostalgic motorcycle movies of all time. The film is a documentary about the various forms of motorcycling as the sport was emerging in the 1970's. Malcolm Smith, Bert Lawwill and Steve McQueen star in many of the scenes. My favorite segment is with Malcolm Smith riding the International Six Day Trial in Spain. While the style and cinematography of the film is perhaps a bit dated, I think that the humor is timeless. 

The complete film is now available for viewing on YouTube or right here. (1:36 minutes)

Stay tuned for Mondo Enduro

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