Monday, June 17, 2013

The Adventure Begins... Going Fishing

I'm going fishing!

The adventure begins with the simple idea to go fishing. Since I have been back home, I have been fortunate enough to go fishing a few times during the trout season on the Guadalupe river and the white bass season on the San Gabriel river.

But I have been reading and researching about fly fishing in other parts of the United States. It seems that one of the best locations in North America to fly fish for trout is in the Lake Tahoe area. The Lake Tahoe area straddles Northern California and Northern Nevada. I have visited the area various times during the winter to ski and snow board. But I've never been to the area during the summer, nor to fly fish.

I thought about calling this trip "Texas to Lake Tahoe", but then decided that I liked the simple title "The Adventure Begins... Going Fishing"

This adventure is going to be a little different. Unfortunately, I am leaving Emi, my motorcycle, behind. But I will be overlanding this adventure in a trusted vehicle that I simply call The Box.
You may have seen The Box at the tale end of my last adventure hanging out in the background. I will share more about The Box later.
The route is still pretty open, but I do have a few destinations in mind.

I plan to leave from a) Austin, Texas then pass by b) Palo Duro Canyon, Texas c) Santa Fe, New Mexico d) Boulder, Colorado e) Moab, Utah f) Bryce Canyon, Utah and then end up in g) Lake Tahoe, California.

Along the way, I do plan to test some old overlanding techniques that I have learned from my past experiences and test some new overlanding techniques that I have recently learned or created. Most of the techniques will involve using creative ways to travel light, efficient and inexpensively in North America. I'll explain and demonstrate these techniques in future posts.

I hope that all of you will follow along. If you happen to have suggestions of places to visit, things to do, people to meet, please send me comments through my website, facebook or email. If you just happen to be in the Lake Tahoe area during June or July let's meet up.

Let the adventure begin!

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