Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rio de Janeiro... Meat

Back in Rio de Janeiro, I decided to check out a Brazilian Churrascaria named Carretao. A churrascaria is a restaurant that specializes in grilled and roasted meats cooked on a spit or skewer. Generally, the waiters carry spits of meat around to each table and offer the patrons a taste. Many of them offer all-you-can-eat service. I sat and ate.
When one sits down at a table, there is typically one large plate. This plate is to eat off.
There is also a small plate with tongs. This small plate is for your meat. The tongs are used to pull the meat from the spit or skewer to the little plate.
There is also a self-service bar with side dishes.
At the self-service bar there were items like olives, almonds and condiments.
The restaurant offered some excellent bread.
There were various types of chimichurri sauces.
There were a variety of vegetables and salads.
I loaded one plate with vegetables and salads.
And, another plate I reserved for meat... ohhhh... the meat.

I took my time and tried every meat that they brought by my table. Here is a selection of the meats that I tasted.

Picanha - It is a required cut at any barbecue, being soft and with a distinctive flavor. The steak is prepared in several ways: the traditional skewer with garlic, baked in stone, and even the tip of the sirloin.

Peeled rump - With a little fat, it is one of the finest cuts. The kernels of the rump are cut from baby beef, meat tender and juicy.

Titty tip or rump - Extracted from the bottom of the rump, it is soft, fibrous and very tasty. It is even more delicious when served to the last tip. With this meat you experience a very traditional spit. 

Filet mignon - Soft and slightly sweet in taste, it is considered by many to be a more noble cut. It is a traditional beef tenderloin steak with garlic on a skewer.

Diaper - Very tasty and good roasted meat. It should not be overcooked. It is considered one of the best meats to barbecue.

Termite - It is a cut of muscle fiber and fat. It has nice flavor and taste.

Tenderloin - It is soft, tasty and extremely sharp and fatty, which keeps it juicy.

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