Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rio de Janeiro... Centro Cultural Justicia Federal

There was a film that I read about online that I wanted to watch. It was showing in an area called Cinelandia in the central area of the Rio de Janeiro. The film was screening at a place called the Centro Cultural Justicia Federal (Federal Justice Cutural Center). I ended up watching the film, but it is what I discovered inside the building that I found truly amazing. The best part is the last part.
I thought that it was odd that a film was showing in a building dedicated to justice, but I decided to check it out. From the outside, the building did not appear to be anything special. In fact I had walked by this very building previously without noticing it.
However, on the inside it was actually pretty ornate.
And there were multiple floors beautifully lit up. I was early to the film screening, so I thought that I would stroll around the building.
I came across this chamber, which was designed as a court or hearing room.
From floor to ceiling it contained some intricate and complex patterns.
 I walked around to some of the other rooms and found some cool collage art.
A collage of faces
I thought that this might be an interesting way for me to present some of my photos.
 Photography of urban decay
 A collage of birds
 Wood patterns
 Geometric string on wood
Geometric close up
 Post-modern art of ashes
And then I came across this exhibit. All of the pieces were amazing patterns transferred onto large panels about 10 feet by 8 feet in size... huge! I believe that these patterns were digitally produced and printed onto these huge canvases.
 Some appeared to be indigenous art.
 Some images had more of a religious symbolism.
Just really thought provoking art.

Who would have thought...

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